Access control is an important component in protecting your people, property and profits. SAMS Southern Highlands design access control systems which use simple yet reliable operations incorporating your choice of access whether that is by way of card or fob. Access Control, a form of keyless entry, is used to let staff gain access to the facility and keep out unauthorised persons. Access control can be used for logging the attendance of staff and providing attendance records to further secure the working environment. Access Control Systems help protect your companies’ assets, and assist to prevent theft and other problems. Access Control is an excellent way to reduce your dependency on keys and locks which are difficult to maintain securely when employees leave your employment.

Your Access Control System can be integrated into your 24 hour monitoring service and duress codes with the access control system to report back to the monitoring service if you require assistance.

On completion of each installation,SAMS Southern Highlands provides comprehensive training plus easy to follow step by step operating instructions written specifically for your  system.

Access Control System Replacement Cards or Fobs

There are many different types of access cards available including fobs. SAMS Southern Highlands can supply replacement equipment as required for most access control systems even if we didn’t install it. We will require specific site information to fulfil your order, and the cards or fobs need to be programmed. We have a minimum order of 30 units to provide maximum value, and securely file your data to simplify future ordering.